Scouting & Guiding Groups

Badges & Activities

Day Camps

Enjoy a camp without the packing! We offer activity day camps that incorporate 4 activities and lunch. All equipment is provided and our Practitioners are also part of the Scouting association, have outdoor first aid, food hygiene, safeguarding, DBS and are Forest School L3.


Use keys to identify trees both coniferous and deciduous, study soil types and select  trees to plant, learn woodland management techniques. Understand safe felling practice and tool use. Enjoy a day in the woods doing practical Environmental management tasks. All equipment provided. Full day session required.


Study the countryside code, learn navigation skills and enhanced map work. Master a compass and mapping then accomplish 3 Orienteering courses to a given standard. All tuition and equipment provided. Sessions can be spread over 3 evenings or weekends.


Learn how to make willow platters, mosaic coasters, create a willow lantern or obelisk, make Celtic jewellery, produce natural dyes to use on materials, make a bug home, bird feeder, kazoo, Christmas wreaths, table decorations, Christmas cards and much more. All equipment and materials provided. Sessions can be held at your venue.

Master At Arms

Enjoy 6 sessions of Archery to gain this badge and learn different shooting techniques, archery games and medieval folklore. All equipment provided. 8yrs+

Environmental Conservation

Participate in Environmental projects such as Pond clearance, Himalayan balsam removal, create habitats for different species, build homes for wildlife. All tools and equipment provided. Some activities are seasonal.


Learn Bushcraft skills such as dens and shelters, tree ID and properties of wood, fire lighting and foraging, tool safety and basic first aid. Knife skills, cooking on an open fire and how to locate water. Full day session.


Study wetland and woodland habitats with a pond dip and bug hunt, use ID sheets and field cards to record findings, learn about habitat management techniques and human impact on our flora and fauna.
All Scout and Guides groups are offered a discounted booking price,please contact us for details.